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At Paradise Funeral Services Co., we are honoured to serve you during your time of need. Allow us to provide you with the support and assistance you deserve as you navigate through this difficult period. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to speak with one of our compassionate staff members.


Honoring Lives, Celebrating Legacies

Guiding You Through Moments of Farewell



Our company undertakes the processing of all the procedures required for a complete and dignified funeral ceremony.
We undertake the entire organization of the ceremony in a climate of respect, professionalism, dignity and discretion from start to finish. We are by your side and close to you to present you with all the options you have and to discuss any of your wishes.
Our experienced and well-qualified staff is at your disposal to listen to your wishes and carry out this difficult task on your behalf, in the most dignified way possible.


Flower arrangements

We undertake the complete decoration of the temple where the ceremony takes place, the coffin decoration as well as the ordering of wreaths. We provide tasteful and simple decorations, as befits the occasion and always with a variety of fresh flowers.
Whatever decoration you have in mind for this difficult time, we are able to implement it for you, so that you can say the last “goodbye” to your man, with respect and dignity.



The process of embalming is done in order to delay the decay of the body and prepare it for the afterlife that the deceased will follow, according to beliefs that come from the ancient Egyptian tradition and were adopted by various ancient tribes.


Corpse Repatriation

Repatriation of the dead is carried out with an emphasis on the care, respect, dignity of the deceased and the customs required by his religion
The care that follows the loss of a loved one is for everyone who bears it a very difficult and emotionally charged experience, even more so when the death occurs abroad. Our office will arrange everything needed to fulfil the wish of the deceased or his family.
Especially for the service of repatriation from and to abroad, we have many years of significant experience, as we have handled numerous cases for many countries and maintain stable partnerships with Funeral Agencies abroad who know and trust us.



We cooperate with crematoriums abroad, providing you with the possibility of cremation – burning of the body if you wish as an alternative to burial.
We completely undertake the shipment of the body abroad and oversee the entire process from start to finish.
At the same time, we make sure that you receive the ashes of your loved one in stylish and discreet urns, which stand out for their quality and durability.


Farewell hall

Our Office has a Farewell and Prayer Room for your loved one.


Prepaid funeral plan

A prepaid funeral plan ensures a smooth and stress-free process for the family or friends of the deceased, who would normally have to organize, plan and pay for all the services needed for a funeral in such a stressful and difficult dot.
The only action the family of the deceased is responsible for is to notify our funeral home at the time of death in order to activate the plan and proceed with the arrangements.
In the event of a funeral price increase, the family will NOT have to pay any additional amount in relation to the terms already agreed upon. The plan assures the buyer that all his/her wishes will be followed.